[thelist] MySQL connect from outside.

Dan McCullough dan.mccullough at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 07:50:17 CST 2005

Probably not the best subject :( description.

However I'm looking to setup some MySQL monitor and administration
tools and I need to access my live database.  However I know there is
1 or 2 entries in the mysql table that you need to make to allow
access, I cant seem to find the right two entries.  I think its in the
Database and Host tables.

Anyone have some experience with this?

<tip type="odbc driver" author="Dan McCullough">
If you find yourself trying to update an AS/400 table and get an error
of SQL7008.  You are trying to update an unjournalled table.  To get
around this you need to change a setting in your odbc driver.
In Windows go to the ODBC Administrator, find your ODBC Connection,
Edit, open the "Server" tab, hit "Advanced".  At the top you should
see Commit Mode, change that to "Commit immediate (*NONE)"  Your
problems are solved.

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