[thelist] Re: Logo design

Chris evolt at axe.dircon.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 04:44:18 CST 2005

> There seems to be an incredible amount of confusion about copyrights,
> patents and trademarks (often put together under the misnomer of
> "intellectual property") in the web design community.
> It's not that complicated.

Nice one Viveka.

Comprehensive, and as far as I can see, definitive. Definitely one to 
cut out and keep :-)

<tip author="Chris Nicholls" type="Mail aliases in Thunderbird">
Does your email account have multiple aliases? Maybe, for example, 
because you assign a new alias to each new correspondent, in case the 
address gets spam-harvested? Thunderbird can help you consolidate these 
aliases into one account, streamline the process of sending emails 
"from" these aliases.
Under Tools -> Account settings, you'll see a "Manage Identities" 
button. Here you can add any aliases that point to this account.
Now when you compose new messages you can select an identity from the 
"From" dropdown.
Other mail apps (Apple Mail and Mozilla Mail, at least) require you to 
set up multiple email accounts, which is much more laborious.

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