[thelist] Newsletter help

Razvan Pop razvan at cpea.ro
Sat Jan 29 05:40:07 CST 2005

    We run a virtual computer shop. I have over 60 users in the database 
and I figured out I should send a newsletter.  Problem is that e-mail
clients don't display images, unless you tell them too.
    You can see the newsletter here: http://play.cpea.ro/nl/

    My boss uses SquirrelMail to read mails. She doesn't know how to use 
Outlook, Thunderbird or any other e-mail clients. We showed her 10 times 
how to use them, in vain.

    Anyway, if you look at the newsletter you'll see that i use a "+" 
for list-style-image, the green one. For each of them Squirrel puts smth 
like "Image has been removed". My problem is: can I trick web based 
mails to show images, at least background images? Can I make a list to 
look like that without using images? I doubt that is possible, but 
asking never hurts.

Kindest regards,
              Razvan Pop

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