[thelist] Looking For Macromedia Employee/Support

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sun Jan 30 02:18:20 CST 2005

Hello Everyone:

   I'm in the hunt for a Macromedia support person (iirc, there are a 
few people from Macromedia on this list).  I need to ask a few questions 
regarding Contribute 3 that we are evaluating for a client.

   The client's server supports WebDAV, but because of the nature of the 
client, there is an elaborate process to authenticate against the server 
(with a key that's provided on a CDROM) before the transfer can begin.

   I would like to know if there is anyway that Contribute can work with 
this system. Can I write an extension(?) or some other customization 
such that from Contribute itself the administrative user is able to 
upload the files using a predefined process?  Is there some other way 
that Contribute can work with this system?

   My current option is to write a custom script (either Windows script, 
or a Unix server side script) that emulates a browser, uploads the key, 
then transfers the files.  I'm still evaluating all the security 
concerns that this will/might pose.

   So, any help from the Macromedia camp?  Since I have the trial 
version, I can't use their support services on their site.  Offlists 
welcome if that's what it takes.


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