[thelist] should we get a server...?

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sun Jan 30 02:30:11 CST 2005

Justin Zachan Mgmt wrote:
> The central MAC is worked on regularly and used as the file server. The
> others network up to it via the router. As for storage...probably 200gb
> would be ideal.

I would second the recommendation from Josh on the NAS.  If you get a 
NAS appliance (also called a NAS Server), you can attach it to your 
network and instantly get the additional space that you need.

You didn't mention what operating system your Mac has, but if its OSX, 
then you already have the makings of a very nice server system (OSX has 
UNIX at its core, which includes user permissions and whole lot of other 
stuff that you can read about at apple.com).

A NAS device + OSX + user permissions would solve your problems.  You 
really don't *need* a server, unless you plan to add additional 
services.  For example, if you want to share a printer (or assign print 
permissions, etc.) OSX can take care of this.

Instead of adding the headache of an additional box to manage, get a NAS 
device and offload your storage to it.  Then, assign permissions, 
quotas, etc. from OSX to the NAS device.

For backups, you can burn DVDs of your data (believe it or not, 200 GB 
isn't that much -- I have 200 GB of space on my personal box, and its 
almost full), or you can purchase two NAS devices and mirror them.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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