[thelist] What is least expensive Mac to use as Web client QA box

Jono ox4dboy at comcast.net
Mon Jan 31 09:49:04 CST 2005

For $499 you can get a BRAND NEW Mac Mini.  The mini is a 1.25 GHZ G4, 
and is only 6.5" by 2".  It is about the size of a typical O' Reilly 
book.  Not only is it a great solution for testing, it is also great 
for a easy to set up server, or as a media center.  You won't find 
anything nearly as awesome as the Mini on eBay... well not for $499 at 
least.  The Mini is just the box, no Monitor, no moues, and no 
keyboard, but if you have one lying around, or extra that you don't use 
anymore, you can use them with the Mac mini.  The are not sipping yet, 
but will be soon.  I would wait, and get one while you can, they are 
gonna' sell out quick.

Take a look here:
Mac Mini:

On Jan 31, 2005, at 10:18 AM, Mark Marlow wrote:

> What is the least expensive Mac and OS configuration I can use as a QA
> machine for client side testing of Web applications.  The general
> requirements are:
> Needs to run latest versions of IE/NS/Safari/FireFox.
> Needs to connect to internet via an ethernet network.
> I am hoping to pluck something off of Ebay, but I don't know what to 
> look
> for.
> Much thanks!
> Mark

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