[thelist] Form, Style and Internet Exploder

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Tue Feb 1 12:50:57 CST 2005

> I'm writing an application which I want to style in a 2 column layout.
> No news there.
> <snip>
> Additionally the style of the textbox is modified to be a block level element to
> allow centering the element. And to keep it from fusing with its label I added
> the clear: both. (Clear: left would do the job as well...)
> * The problem is that it will slide under the end of the left navigation this way.
> This raises a general question: if for some reason you need to apply 'clear'
> anywhere in the content, can it be prevented that the whole page slides down to
> under a navigation block?
> <snip>

I was, coincidentally, going to send a very similar question when I saw 
this one come through. I was very surprised that no replies came, even 
just someone saying simply "can't be done". I'm guessing that having 
elements floated within the second column of a two-column layout could 
be pretty common, if it's possible. Does anyone know of a way to have a 
clearing element within the second column without the rest of the 
content in the second column falling below the first column?

I can set up a demo of what I mean, if necessary.

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