[thelist] PHP - Numeric Session ID's

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Feb 1 14:14:28 CST 2005

When you do (in ASP) response.write session.sessionID, you might get
861722675, which is perfect for assigning integer temporary customer id
int(4). However when you do echo session_id;, you might get
a39423b3243c3342e324db3343f45a23, 32 alphanumeric characters. All of a
sudden this doesn't work so well for the same data type. Your customer id at
this point becomes varchar(32). 

So, temporarily I've done this:
   if ($_SESSION["cid"] == "") {
      $_SESSION["cid"] = rand()%999999999999999;	

Sorry. I'm just used to working with customer is in the numeric form. Is
there really anything wrong with using the alphanumeric version on steroids?

Rob Smith

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