[thelist] Dreamweaver's Site Reports are in XML format

Jono ox4dboy at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 12:17:15 CST 2005

I do have access to InDesign, but I need to hand it off to the client 
so that they can read the report.  I am guessing they'll also need 
indesign to read the file... unless I can save it out as a PDF 
afterwards?  Will InDesign import it and place it in the template in a 
manner that is more legible than XML code, or does it just place the 
hard to read code into the template?

Dreamweaver does have a File < Import < XML into Template... option, 
but it is grayed out in my File menu.  Not sure why; I will have to 

On Feb 3, 2005, at 12:59 PM, Tony Grimes wrote:

> I've used InDesign in the past. It supports XML as of version 2.0 
> (with an
> extra module installed from the CD) and it implements it fairly well. 
> You
> essentially just import the XML file and drag and drop content into a
> template document. Once everything is set up, you can import an 
> updated XML
> file and the template just refreshes (if the structure is the same). It
> might not be worth it if you don't already have the program though.
> I heard that the newest version of Word has XML support, but I'm sure 
> MS
> screwed it up somehow

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