[thelist] Tomcat Help: resource.cgn file?

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sun Feb 6 02:05:43 CST 2005

Hello Everyone:

  I'm trying to setup Tomcat for a client who has an application that
requires a custom SSL certificate.  I have installed the certificate
successfully, installed a test SSL certificate from Thawte successfully, and
verified connectivity to the payment gateway's servers.

  However, the JSP script still refuses to connect.  After a long email
discussion with both the developer (at the gateway provider) and my client,
I got the following email message today:

"Can you replace the "resource.cgn" file  for 443 with the "resource.cgn"
file for 80 (normal HTTP connection)? Restart and try to order on your site.
Please let me know of the results. Thanks."

  I've been googling for an hour but can't seem to find what this file is,
and how I'm supposed to integrate it into Tomcat.  When the application was
initially installed, this file was simply added under the webapps/ directory
for the application (in this case ROOT), but I'm not sure how I can setup as
the email states. Can anyone help?

  Tomcat is 5.0.27 running on Linux


<tip type="delegating tasks" author="Burhan Khalid">
 When assigning tasks for a project to multiple people,
 make sure you clearly define what kind of reports are
 required when you (as a project manager) ask for updates.

 This will help the other project members to know exactly
 what there are responsible for, and will make it easier
 to track the project's progress.

 Sometimes, people will give you reports such as "task done",
 "update applied", etc. which really aren't helpful. Having
 a format for reports and defining exactly what is required
 avoids these hassles.

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