[thelist] Function for listing a page's URL

misterhaan misterhaan at track7.org
Thu Feb 10 12:20:09 CST 2005

You can print the full URL of the current page using this PHP code:

http://<?=$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; ?><?=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>

Dominick Cancilla wrote:

>I'd like to add a function to my Website's footer that would list the page's
>URL (as a reminder to credit the page if it is quoted elsewhere). My server
>is capable of PHP, but I don't know a darned thing about it. Is there a PHP
>or Javascript method for doing what I want? Or something else I'm
>I've poked around on Google for this, but have had no luck (I may not be
>searching for the right thing).
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