[thelist] Web server settings question

Mark Marlow mark at testwiz.com
Thu Feb 10 14:19:35 CST 2005

One cheapo way to accomplish this is to name the file with an extension that
the server will not handle properly.  On IIS with ASP.Net installed, if the
file extension is ".cs", the server will not return this file.

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Hello, all,

   I just modified my contact email script ([1], but I haven't posted the
new version there yet, maybe tomorrow) for a friend, to write values out to
a CSV data file as well as sending the email containing them. The CSV file
is written to the /cgi-bin directory, same place as the script resides. A
big problem, which I hadn't anticipated, is that in his domain, I (and
anyone else) can type the full URL to the data file (such as
http://www.thedomainname.com/cgi-bin/contacts.csv) directly into the address
box, and it will send the whole file to the client! I didn't expect this,
and the domains that I have don't allow this. (I copied the file to them,
and typed the address, and got an Internal Server Error.

   So I'm thinking that there must be some switch that allows or prohibits
non-executable files in executable directories being sent to the client. I'm
not sure what the server is, but the provider is www.hypermart.net. Can
someone tell me if there is such a setting in any or all of the major
servers? If you happen to know what server this provider is running, that
would be even better! Thanks!

[1] http:/www.pobox.com/~JohnBrook/codelib/

- John

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