[thelist] pros and cons of absolute positioning in css

Rich Points rich at richpoints.com
Wed Feb 23 13:17:51 CST 2005

I tend to avoid absolutely positioned elements as well.  But I am able 
to structure my html in a search engine friendly way and I can get pixel 
perfect results. 

I'm currently doing some work for a client converting tabled layouts to 
css.  My new layout puts the left navigation at the bottom of the html 
and puts the maincontent at the top.  No absolute positioning.  Check it 
out http://www.clubsauce.com/products/demi_chicken-stock.php


Sarah Sweeney wrote:

> It occurs to me that I've been avoiding the use of absolute 
> positioning in my CSS and in the back of my head I think there is a 
> good reason for this, but for the life of me I can't remember what 
> that reason is. I think it would make my work much easier if I used 
> absolute positioning; I could more precisely position elements in my 
> layout, and I could order my html in a more search-engine friendly way 
> while having it laid out (visually) in a different order.
> Can someone tell my why absolute positioning is not recommended, or 
> let me know if I'm torturing myself unnecessarily?

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