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Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Tue Mar 15 07:37:43 CST 2005

At 18:43 15/03/2005, Joshua Olson wrote:
>Any thoughts on this?  Experiences?

Overture's account setup fees are much more than Google's. I think it's 
$50. Google only charges $5 to start advertising.

You need to pick your keywords very carefully. If it's a hotly contested 
one, the cost-per-click could be quite high. And then you'll have to deal 
with plenty of advertisers before you.

It's better to bid for specific phrases than broad key words like "new 
york" because that will be a waste. Instead, you might want "new york web 
hosting" (Just an example.)

You also need to closely monitor what ads and keywords are working best. In 
my restaurant's case, for instance, I created a "regular" ad that said 
"Thai food in Bangalore" which didn't do half as well as the one that said 
"Sick of the same restaurant food?"



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