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Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Tue Mar 15 08:34:22 CST 2005

At 19:35 15/03/2005, Joshua Olson wrote:
>That's interesting.  Both Overture and Google SPECIFICALLY say to not
>include the city/area when creating keywords.  Are they providing bad

Unless you're creating specific key phrases, IMHO. So "New York web design" 
would not get triggered on "New York design". Google lets you do this.

But the good thing is that you can check it out for a couple of days and 
see if it's returning good hits. If not, change the keywords.

>If I'm allowed to ask, how much did you have to spend on the ads per day
>before you saw decent results?

Um, to be honest, I was using it only as a supplementary marketing 
technique and the number of people searching for this kind of stuff here in 
India isn't that many. I guess I spent about $30 in all at 3 cents per 
click. When my site got ranked high on the main Google search for certain 
keywords, I turned those keywords off so I wouldn't waste money (e.g., if 
you're IBM, there's no point buying an ad for "IBM" when you're the #1 
result on Google for that.)

I'm #3 for "restaurant bangalore" and "bangalore restaurant" and #1 for 
"restaurant indiranagar" (Indiranagar is the area we're in) so now I've 
stopped using Google.

But... thanks to Google, I've had customers come in who didn't know about 
the place but were told by their kids living abroad who found it on the Net 
and told them to go visit. :)

Need I say YMMV?



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