[thelist] Looking for simple way to get JS statistics from myvisitors.

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Sat May 21 08:50:32 CDT 2005

> >Web content is not a luxury item, that is only available to a chosen few.
> >It is as
> >plain as that.

> That's a singularly uninformed first-world mentality. Just because Internet
> penetration has reached the levels it has in your country, don't assume
> it's the same throughout the world.

I never assumed that. 

> I guess you also think things like access to electricity and running water,
> driving around in a car and talking on a telephone  and watching cable tv
> are also not only available to a "chosen few"?

You guess wrong. I neither have a car nor TV. 

> Spend three months working in a country like India and you'll realise you
> *are* in the elite few of the global population. As a matter of fact, if
> you are literate enough to read this message, you are among the elite few.

I did work in India for half a year, and I know that.

> Similarly spend three months being as oblivious to the Internet as the vast
> majority of the world still is and you'll realise how few people really
> give a flying fart about Javascript or no Javascript. Or ever will.
> It's great that you know these things and can evangelise on them, but there
> is such a thing as going too far to try to ram a point down someone's throat.

First of all, sorry if I came across too harsh in arguing. But this
stance here even makes me more confused.

Some Facts:

- There are  a lot of people without Internet access, therefore it is
a luxury item
- Of those who have Internet access, some cannot access JavaScript
dependent content

So, as the Internet is a luxury item it is therefore OK also to ask
for JavaScript to be enabled to make it available to even less people?

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