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T--} Having a bad hair day, are we?

> Yikes! Having a bad hair day, are we?

> Your entire paragraph has been en explanation of what you like, what you 
> do not like , and what you want. You. Not "a representative sample of web 
> users".

TYME} It was in response to someone else's post about what he/she, as an 
individual prefers.  I did not infer that he was stating his preferences for 
all web users, nor should you of my reply.  You did notice my comment about 
how that would be a good survey questions, didn't you?  That should have 
been a big clue for you.

> Honestly I found your order form quite a nuisance. I'd never use it. But 
> that's ok cause you've already explained to me that I shouldn't plan 
> vacations in that part of the world because I'm not a week-long visitor.

T--} We shan't count on your business.  Do consider a vacation, nonetheless. 
No, really.

> Further, your assertion that "we (me and the client) like..." is 
> meaningless. YOU (you and your client) will not be the users of the site. 
> Unless your client is renting equipment from himself?

T--} "We" do represent web users.  So, we consider our preferences, too.   I 
believe that I did state that customers have not opposed the solution. 
...Moreover, the client does get to make the final decision.  (I have 
recommended both options.)

> Exactly. Which is why you should allow for the option, and not force the 
> pop-up on me. I'm quite aware of how to open my own additional windows.

T--}  Ah, you wrote _"I'm aware"_.  Hmmm.  Good to know that you consider 
your _own_ desires/skill (but not others') to be a reasonable representation 
of all web users (even when not so implied).  ...Many people are not 
familiar with those browser controls  -- including my clients, my parents, 
my tailor, my dog walker, and so.   Dual links is a cumbersome alternative. 
The redesign probably will be an order form that opens in the same window, 
but I did explain that I was looking for a workaround to the pop-up blocker 
in the interim.

> Since it's such a low-priority freebie why not just stick in a "Press the 
> CTRL key while clicking the link to open it in a new window" notice.

T--}  I have considered that very thing.  The only useful thing (unless you 
consider snipping useful) that you said.  And, if you had offered  that with 
"from my customers experience..." or better still "web trend statistics that 
I just read <url here>...", which was the nature of my original post, I 
would not feel that my time was so wasted responding to you herein.

T--}  One TIP owed for the meaningless pissing contest.

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