[thelist] Flash - loading variables from remote host

David Siedband technique at oceanicsky.com
Sun Jun 19 15:49:17 CDT 2005

I'm updating a flash swf, that needs to load text content from  
another host.  The machine the flash file is on is fairly stock  
apache.  The text content is coming from a Zope server that has a  
basic tool I made to update these text files and serve them as  

These text files all look like this:
&news=The New Album will be out in early 2006&
I've also tried a URL quoted version of the same, an with and without  
the ampersands.

So I need to figure out how to load the data from actionscript.

I've tried some variations on
loadVariables("http://remotehost.com/bio.txt", "");
which works when I test the file on from my laptop. but not when I  
test it on the server.

I've also tried some variations on this

var remoteData:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
remoteData.onLoad = function(success:Boolean){
         tracks.text = remoteData.tracks;

I found this code from this tutorial:

This can't be that complicated...  What am I missing?


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