[thelist] URL Rewrite Between Two Doamins

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Sun Jun 19 23:55:40 CDT 2005

I have a situation where I need to rewrite, and display in the address 
bar, a diffrent URL than is acutally being accessed.

I have a Linux/Apache/php/MySQL platform.

I have *domainA.com* and *domainB.com* running on the machine, with an 
application installed and running under *domainA.com*. There is a 
subdomain named *app.domainA.com* running on *domainA.com* that points 
to a subirectory, *domainA.com/app*.

I need to have *domainB.com* be able to run *app.domainA.com* and look 
like it is running *app.domainB.com* in the address bar and all other 
references to the browser window/object.

 From what I have read and understand, this is possible, but I haven't 
discovered the configurations to make it work.

Can some of you Linux/Apache gurus help unscramble my eggs? Yes, my 
brain is scrambled mush over this seemingly simple configuration.

Ron D.

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