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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Fri Jun 24 08:39:12 CDT 2005

ben morrison wrote:

> Felix Miata wrote:
> > By the time I zoom enough to make all text big enough to read, the
> > horizontal scroll is significant.
> <quote>
> I still need to finish the stylesheet switcher .. but it needs a
> static width option...
> </quote>
> its my next task.

It doesn't need a static width. It needs to utilize a powerful strength
of the web, adaptable fluidity. It isn't paper. Viewports and users vary
by orders of magnitude. One "size" cannot fit all.

If the text is big enough to start with; a switcher is unnecessary;
people can get right on with the business at hand. OTOH, if there is a
switcher on a site with too small text (i.e. not using the visitors
default), the switcher probably won't be big enough to find before
frustration makes the visitor leave yet another site that thinks it
knows better than me what size text I can read. My default is perfect,
thank you very much.

See also URL below.
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