[thelist] links don't function on calendar

dwain at alforddesigngroup.com dwain at alforddesigngroup.com
Sun Jun 26 00:52:09 CDT 2005

the following page is causing problems in opera 8 and 8.01.  the links 
that change the calendar and the date popups don't want to cooperate. 
they function ok in ff and ie.  when the "events" heading is placed 
under the links, the links and popups function in 8, but not in 8.01.

would someone take a look and offer some insight, please?

btw the calendar is a php calendar.

Page: http://www.organicgrowers.org.au/index3.php
CSS: http://www.organicgrowers.org.au/styles/organic.css

Dwain Alford
dwain at alforddesigngroup.com

"The artist may use any form which his expression demands;
for his inner impulse must find suitable expression."
Wassily Kandinsky, "Concerning The Spiritual In Art"

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