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Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Jul 3 20:57:01 CDT 2005

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: >Jason Handby wrote:
: >>>I've got a customer asking for "secure ftp" to our server.
: >>>
: >>>Is there an off-the-shelf package for windows that'll provide this
: service?
: If you already have a secure certificate for the site 
: and FrontPage Extensions running you already have 
: what you need.
: When you open it Explorer logs in to the web folder 
: on the site and morphs into an FTP client. Viola, 
: you have secure File Transfer using the https
: protocol.


This is actually WebDAV over HTTPS, not FTP.

And it doesn't require FPSE on the server either - IIS 5 and 6 both support
WebDAV without requiring FPSE to be installed/enabled.


IIS Stuff: www.adOpenStatic.com/cs/blogs/ken/ 

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