[thelist] 414 - URI Too Large

Richard Livsey richard at livsey.org
Mon Jul 4 10:47:37 CDT 2005

I have a client who is reportedly getting a 414 (URI Too Large) error 
when submitting a form on their site.

This is confusing me as:

a) It's a POST submission, so the URI stays the same.
b) I (or anyone else for that matter) can't duplicate it in any browser.

There's a fair bit of data being submitted, but nothing obscene.
Aparently it happens every time they submit this form.

Has anyone seen this kind of thing before, or know how to track down 
what's going on?

The server is Apache 1.3.33 on Windows. Not sure what browser they are 
using, I'm getting more info at the moment, but it's probably IE6.

Thanks in advance.


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