[thelist] Remote Desktop Client on XP Home?

Jono Young jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Tue Jul 5 09:02:48 CDT 2005

Yes, I am trying to access the browsers on my PC (IE5, 5.5 6, etc.)  
from my Mac.  My PC is running XP Home, and my Mac is running  
10.4.1.  I have basic knowledge of Windows XP Professional/Home - I  
have never owned a PC until now - so it's difficult to get things done.

'Remote Assistance' would not work, see below from the invitation I  
sent to myself on my Mac:

Providing help using Remote Assistance
Sometimes the best way to help someone fix a problem is to  
demonstrate a solution. Remote Assistance is a convenient way for  
someone to connect to a friend's computer (you both must be running  
Microsoft Windows XP) in order to walk through a solution together.

I am gathering options, but still have not settled on the best one  
yet; here's what I have so far:

1.  RealVNC or TightVNC on the PC, Chicken of the VNC on the Mac
2.  KVM switch
3.  Synergy

I have never used a Remote Desktop Client on Mac or PC, but my  
initial understanding was that it was the best way to accomplish my  
goal of testing PC browsers from my Mac.  Being able to test the PC  
browsers on my Mac is more important (at this point) than how I  
accomplish the feat.  I'm just looking to have everything at my  
fingertips, all from my Mac.

Thanks for the tips and help this far,

On Jul 4, 2005, at 7:05 PM, Ken Schaefer wrote:

> Are you looking for a Remote Desktop client for Windows XP home?  
> (per your
> subject line)?
> Or are you looking to access your Windows XP Home machine from your  
> Mac?
> If the latter, then "yes", it is possible (AFAIK). On the Windows  
> XP Home
> machine, send a "Remote Assistance" request (to yourself on the  
> Mac). Once
> you have the Remote Assistance request on your Mac, you (hopefully)  
> should be
> able to connect to the Windows XP Home machine.

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