[thelist] SQL Server, Updates and Locking Hints

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Tue Jul 5 09:04:20 CDT 2005

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> If you want a great rundown of locking and other performance-type issues,
> can't recommend the "Inside SQL Server" books from Microsoft Press -- 
> previously by Soukup and Delaney, now just by Soukup (or Delaney, I forget
> which; whichever one killed the other one and buried them in the back
> garden, anyway[1]).

I'm guessing here, but rather than not recommend a book I think you typo'd
this, I spent a while scanning the end of the sentence for the word

Or maybe your <libel> tag should have the attribute scope="paragraph" just
in case your context implicates you?


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