[thelist] Extracting Audio from an EXE

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 16:32:46 CDT 2005

Here's another simple solution:

1 - Open the volume control
    (in All Programs - Accessories - Volume Control)
2 - Switch to Record View
    (Options - Properties) - (Adjust volume for: Recording) - (Make
sure Stereo Downmix (or similar) is checked)
3 - Check "Select" under the stereo downmix control
4 - Open a wave editor - there's plenty of freeware apps out there
that allow you to record to wave files.

What you changed in the volume control settings makes sure Windows
uses your stereo line-out as the input signal for sound recording,
basically rewiring your line-out to your line-in, without the need for

Note that I'm running a different language Windows, so it might not be
called exactly what I call it here.

Note also that Windows will (usually) remember these settings, so if
you want to use a microphone later you'll have to return to the record
view in volume control and select the microphone as the input signal.



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