[thelist] Hardware and Software pricing

Donny Morris dmtechster at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:03:13 CDT 2005

I'm putting together a ballpark type of quote for some people in my
company.  The quote is based on the "recommendations" by the software
company that is writting the software.  The reason for the ballpark
quote is so that those that need it can determine if the ROI will
work.  Now I have gathered several quotes on the specified hardware
and software that is needed.  What I am looking for is some idea of
how different parts of the software license play out.  For example
MSSQL pricing is based on processor, however there is also a client
license.  Now this is a server that will be basically only accessed
via a web interface and some messaging back and forth.  So do I need
alot of user/client licenses?  As you can tell I'm not very good with
the software part of pricing.  And if you pay the per processor fee do
you have to pay the user/client license fee?

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