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Hi Laura -

I did a Google for "wireless internet providers" and it came up with some
decent leads.  Most of the major mobile phone carriers provide this feature,
and no - it doesn't come with a phone.  It is a completely separate service.
There might be options to plug the laptop into a phone and use the phone's
signal, but most have a separate card with an antenna that goes directly
into the PCI-slot on your laptop.  From what I have seen (haven't researched
fully) it is still a bit expensive (for me anyway). 

Depending on the plan you get, it may be a replacement for your home
provider, but it depends on if you have other computers in your home, your
location, etc.


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I am tired of going places, and finding I cannot hook up to an internet.

I've bought all the right equipment to be compatible with every environment.
But often I run into security stops. The host can't or won't let me hook my
computer to their system.

Now I am looking into a wireless solution.

I find I don't even know the vocabulary to search the web!

Can someone tell me what service and what equipment I need to know about?
What urls might clarify this for me?

Do I keep my home-based provider(Comcast), or will I replace my provider?

Also, can I assume any such solution also comes with a phone?



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