[thelist] Autorun for "hybrid" CD (Mac & PC)

J.D. Welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Sat Jul 9 13:16:13 CDT 2005

on 9 Jul Russ wrote:

R >I'm sure some things have changed a bit.

not really, no. there isn't much to revise.

R >I know I can handle the "autorun" on a PC, however on the Mac side,
R >I'm a little lost.

the concept doesn't exist on the Mac. it sort of did before OS X, but
the functionality has been dropped in all form since then. (as it should
be for windows, or at least disabled by default)

R >Can anyone recommend a product or a method that I can utilize to
R >auto-launch a Flash file upon insertion of a CD into a Mac?

put the file, with an obvious name (even like "click here to
start.swf"), in the top directory of the cd. people will find it just


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