[thelist] Dreamweaver site (template?)

Roger H. rogerharness at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 10 02:13:21 CDT 2005

Hello 'volters,

I'm at relatively good HTML'r, an alright CCS'r, and I guess a so-so
php/MySQL/SSI'r. But apparently I'm pretty lame with Dreamweaver.

One of the reasons I was hired at my current job was my supposed
computer/web skills. The person who is in charge of our intranet site, got
handed the site with a few instructions, and has basically had to learn 'web
design' on the fly. While she's not yet creating masterpieces, she's doing a
heck of a job all things considered.

She's asked me to help her with a problem on the site. There is a left-hand
navigation system that seems to be contained in a template. She can
"apparently" get in there and change the nav template, but when she 'puts'
it up to the server, it wont show up when you view the site with a browser. 

I feel so stupid that I can't figure out how to fix her problem. I've tried
googling the issue, and read stuff like emptying the cache, be sure you are
put'ing up the correct file, make sure our 'definitions' (?) are correct,
etc...but still no luck.

I don't yet have access to the server, so I can't even get in there and
experiment, or try things on my own. Does anybody have any
advice/tips/suggestions for now? We will be taking a Dreamweaver class ASAP,
but again, I sure would love to be able to fix this. I look at the code, but
its mainly <--begin dreamweaver template...blah blah blah--> stuff.

As always, any help would be *greatly* appreciated!

Thank you,

-Roger Harness

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