[thelist] Dreamweaver site (template?)

April april at farstrider.org
Sun Jul 10 03:28:54 CDT 2005

If the issue really is a dreamweaver template, to work with them you 
need to open dreamweaver, create a dreamweaver site, and edit the 
template in the templates folder.  That should change every page on the 
site.  Dreamweaver has a pretty good tutorial under Help that addresses 
creating sites and templates.

If you mean she changed the template file in another program, or changed 
it in dreamweaver without creating a site, then that's the problem.  The 
dreamweaver program is what goes through and adjusts all of the HTML to 
the template.  If you work outside of a dreamweaver site on a template, 
it's a dud.

If you mean she changed an actual site HTML page and nothing happened... 
it sounds like some other issue.

Roger H. wrote:
> Hello 'volters,
> I'm at relatively good HTML'r, an alright CCS'r, and I guess a so-so
> php/MySQL/SSI'r. But apparently I'm pretty lame with Dreamweaver.
> One of the reasons I was hired at my current job was my supposed
> computer/web skills. The person who is in charge of our intranet site, got
> handed the site with a few instructions, and has basically had to learn 'web
> design' on the fly. While she's not yet creating masterpieces, she's doing a
> heck of a job all things considered.
> She's asked me to help her with a problem on the site. There is a left-hand
> navigation system that seems to be contained in a template. She can
> "apparently" get in there and change the nav template, but when she 'puts'
> it up to the server, it wont show up when you view the site with a browser. 
> I feel so stupid that I can't figure out how to fix her problem. I've tried
> googling the issue, and read stuff like emptying the cache, be sure you are
> put'ing up the correct file, make sure our 'definitions' (?) are correct,
> etc...but still no luck.
> I don't yet have access to the server, so I can't even get in there and
> experiment, or try things on my own. Does anybody have any
> advice/tips/suggestions for now? We will be taking a Dreamweaver class ASAP,
> but again, I sure would love to be able to fix this. I look at the code, but
> its mainly <--begin dreamweaver template...blah blah blah--> stuff.
> As always, any help would be *greatly* appreciated!
> Thank you,
> -Roger Harness
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