[thelist] Dreamweaver site (template?)

David Demko support at inetcomputerproducts.com
Sun Jul 10 04:42:56 CDT 2005

Once you make the changes to the template page (if she is able to change the
nav bar contained that is contained in a template then it is on a template
page and not an HTML page) it will (Dreamweaver) ask you to update the pages
that use that template.  I assume that she is saying yes and updating all
the pages.  Once that is done you have to "put" or ftp all the pages that
use that nav template and not just the template page.  That should work out
the problem.
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Does anybody have any advice/tips/suggestions for now? We will be taking a
Dreamweaver class ASAP, but again, I sure would love to be able to fix this.
I look at the code, but its mainly <--begin dreamweaver template...blah blah
blah--> stuff.

David Demko
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