[thelist] Photoshop > Colour washout on 'save for web'

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Sun Jul 10 17:29:59 CDT 2005

Ok, I have a weird colour prob. in Photoshop.

We recently got dual 19" LCD's at work (yeah, life's tough huh? ;)) and I have fiddled with the display properties on the actual monitors to get things looking relatively 'right'.

Colours are fine in Photoshop UNTIL I go to 'save for web' or 'save as'. Then the colour appears washed out and altered slightly. No. it's not a JPEG setting as I've tried all file sizes and modes...

I've always found that PS would display colors in save as.. the same as when you're editing...

any ideas?

Paul Bennett
Web Coder
Web Centre
Wellington City Council
DDI: (04) 801 3284
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