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Russ and others,

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>And while you guys happen to be most likely correct, I don't think it's
helping anyone solve the problem.

>Roger, what technology is in play here?  Is it static HTML or is there
something like PHP, CFMX, etc. etc.?

>Since it appears that it's actual DW templates, it can get messy and you'd
need to make sure that, once the template is updated, it gets pushed out to
all the pages that it is associated with.  I don't have my trusty little
study guide with me that I used when taking the DW exam nor do I use DW
templates (like others, I do agree that they're not a great thing), however,
utilize the Help system and/or Macromedia's forums to see what you can find
about Updating Templates.  I know there's something about making sure the
pages that have the template in it also get updated so that they all
reference the correct code--in fact, it almost sounds like she's ONLY
updating the template and not actually updating all the pages that would be
changed, as well, since it's all HTML code.

>Does that make sense?  To put it another way:  You cannot just FTP up the
template; all of the pages that utilize that template will also need to be


You are exactly correct, and I advised this earlier (about updating all
pages on the web server and not just the template) - this is exactly the

For sites that I have taken over with these templates, I simply copy/paste
the entire html,php,cfm, etc, that has the templated tags embedded to a text
editor and simply remove all the template tags.  If you are insistent on
using Dreamweaver from there, simply copy/paste the adjusted pages back to
Dreamweaver and replace the original files, that will eliminate the template
from the page (Dreamweaver won't let you delete those tags directly) and
make each page fully editable.  That will enable you to replace the nav
system using CSS or SSI on all pages.

While the templates in Dreamweaver were a novel idea they are really not
very effective particularly if you make considerable updates as you will
find they will eventually cause issues with updates on some pages - don't
know why but using SSI or CSS is much more efficient.

Hope that helps

David Demko
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