[thelist] 1and1 hosting

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Tue Jul 19 09:00:39 CDT 2005

Jason Handby wrote:
>>I'm looking at moving my companies hosting to 1and1 and was 
>>looking for opinons and horror stories, if any.

> That's just email hosting; your mileage may vary, especially if what
> you're doing is fairly straightforward and fits with how their automated
> system likes to do things.

This last bit is key for most every host around -- automated systems are
very much the norm. Not all hosts have the flexibility to do things that
are outside what their web interfaces can handle. And this isn't always
an issue of ignorance -- it can be quite a management issue to track
each individual change and it's impact on the server, etc.


patrick sanders
web sites that fit

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