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Tue Jul 19 09:10:28 CDT 2005

Dan McCullough wrote:
> I'm looking at moving my companies hosting to 1and1 and was looking
> for opinons and horror stories, if any.

i've been with them for almost a year on a managed server.  up time has 
been 99.9%.  the .1% was when the server i was on had a dos attack. 
they were prompt about moving everyone on the server to another one. 
down time was around 24-36 hrs.

tech support is lacking by email; phone support is much better, 
although i have rarely used either.  the pricing is good.  the "free" 
domain names are definitely a plus.

i'm sure you will probably go with a dedicated server.  as far as tech 
support, you're pretty much on your own.  they will maintain the 
physical server (parts and labor).  the server comes loaded with fedora 
core 3, maybe 4 since it's out.  plesk is the admin console.  other than 
this, i cannot comment on service or quality of their servers.

i highly recommend them.  i'm an affiliate, please use the link below if 
you decide to go with them.  i certainly would appreciate it.



Dwain Alford
dwain at alforddesigngroup.com

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