[thelist] Post format (was: Funny tables in Firefox: height = 100%)

Rick Faaberg rfaaberg at comcast.net
Thu Jul 21 04:53:44 CDT 2005

On 7/21/05 2:25 AM "Jason Handby" <jasonh at corestar.co.uk> sent this out:

>> Any info appreciated. Maybe these messes are not the norm and
>> I should stick around? Or maybe there's an offline moderator
>> trying to help out?
>> Thanks (and please, no one take any offense, because I didn't
>> intend any),
> I think most people often make an effort not to top-post, etc. But it
> doesn't always work out. Sometimes it bugs me, but I find that generally
> the informational content of this list is pretty high and the amount of
> junk is pretty low; so personally I just go with it. Putting up with a
> small amount of bad formatting, juvenile platform-bashing, etc. is a
> pretty small price to pay, IMHO, compared to some other lists I've been
> on. Generally speaking this is a helpful and positive bunch of people.

It sure seems that way and the list surely comes highly recommended. That's
why I joined. I'm on some lists that have  pretty clear behavior and post
expectations and rules and I like those lists also. I guess a little chaos
could be healthy though as well, hmm? :-)

> If someone wanted to create a clear statement of posting guidelines --
> and maybe link to it from the footer -- I guess that wouldn't be a bad
> thing. But my guess is that the people who don't know not to top-post
> also don't read posting guidelines :-)

You are a wise person, I can tell! Posting guidelines posted somewhere that
could be referenced when deviated from could be a useful thing, imho.


Rick Faaberg

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