[thelist] SQL not performing all inserts

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sat Aug 13 07:56:30 CDT 2005

What interface does your application use to interface with SQL Server?

Have you used Profiler to trace what is going in/out of the server?


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: Hello List,
: Hope some one will have an idea, so here goes.
: I wrote a windows app that migrates the access databases we use in our
: application to ms sql databases. We have run the updater on six different
: machines - to update ourselves and clients, with no problem. But on our
: most
: recent attempt - another client, only partial success. The application can
: connect and read / write from both the access databases and the ms sql
: database but only inserts a few record before stopping. I'm not getting
: any
: connection errors, and we have tried the updater locally with a copy of
: the
: clients db with no problems - everything migrates. We duplicated our ms
: sql
: server config options on the client machine - including the query and
: connection timeout params, with no apparent difference. Ultimately, I
: wouldn't even care if the updater failed as we can do a manual import of
: the
: data, a pain as there are over a hundred databases involved, but the
: problem
: seems to be extending to the application itself, which is relying on at
: least one database to store user variable for sharing between asp and
: asp.net and that write seems to be failing as well.
: So any suggestions on where I can look for settings that might prevent
: lots
: of inserts? It seems as if something is timing out or blocking the inserts
: after x number.
: Thanks in advance for any help
: Robert Vreeland

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