[thelist] SQL not performing all inserts

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 13 08:51:37 CDT 2005

Hi all,

Robert Vreeland wrote:

>but the problem
>seems to be extending to the application itself, which is relying on at
>least one database to store user variable for sharing between asp and
>asp.net and that write seems to be failing as well.

Rather "extending to the application itself", it is very possible that it is 
the application. You are moving from MS Access, which has all of the 
processing/data manipulation conditions right up front in plain view. MS SQL 
is different. There are comstraints and restrictions (many of which are by 
default) that take an experienced user to discover.

Your losing of some data has some distinct aspects. There is no corruption 
so it is not a HW/SW malfunction. You are losing whole records so it is most 
likely a record selection problem. It appears to limited to this 

My suggestions are in two areas. The first deals with the slowness. It is 
possible that the server app needs to be optimized. (I know that you have 
duplicated it but I have “duplicated” many times and come out with something 
slightly different.)

The second suggestion is to look at each table that loses data. It really 
looks like either there is a “indexed, no duplicates” error or that an 
incompatible data type is failing to be transferred.



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