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Michael Harrington mike0351 at bellsouth.net
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A software package  PC Relocator from Alohabob 
(http://www.alohabob.com/products/pc_relocator/index.asp) will let you 
transfer/migrate programs and their data files from one PC to another 
PC. This can be done with CD's, LAN, or the USB cable that is included 
with the boxed version. I used it recently to setup a new laptop. After 
the relocation, both were identical.

Frank wrote:

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I've recently bought a new machine, and put the hard-drive of my old 
machine in the new. I want to copy some parts of the windows registry to 
the new one, specifically (at the moment) my DreamWeaver site data.

What is the tool that I need? Regedit, and about a dozen or so apps seem to 
open only the current registry. How can I copy and paste from my old 
registry into my new one?


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