[thelist] ASP Session Not working. Please Help!

Mon Aug 15 10:42:18 CDT 2005


Check that you have clicked the button named "Create" on the "Directory" tab
of the Internet Services Manager (MMC) module.   To get there:

1) Click Start
2) Programs
3) Administrative Tools
4) Internet Services Manager
5) tab name = "Directory"

Then, about 3/4 down is a text box named "Application Name:".  If its grayed
out, then the button to the right of that text box will be named "Create".
Click it.  If its named "Remove" then try to click that once, and then when
it is removed and the button is named "Create" once again, click it again.

This has bit me before.  

There is also a good article to read here with tips and pointers concerning
session variables not sticking:

I hope that helps you, or someone else has a more accurate solution for you!

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To all,


     I found a page with your email addresses on the web and thought I'd ask
for help.  I'm having an issue where ASP sessions on my website are working
when I access the page on the server with the http://localhost/  address,
but not when accessing from outside the server via the web.  Any clues,
tips, or reason why this would happen? 


It's simple code.  I'm just initializing the session with a string and
calling it from a different page.  Sometimes it works from the outside, but
I don't know what triggers that behavior.  Here is example of the code and
session mode. 


<%Session("example") = ("examplestring")%>   <--  in one page




<%Response.Write(Session("example"))%>   <-- on a different page



Session mode




                         timeout="20" />



I would appreciate any advice.  Thank You!


Blas Gallegos


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