[thelist] Oops! sent last one before I was ready!; WAI validation

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Sat Oct 15 08:42:52 CDT 2005

bill wrote:

> 13.1 Clearly identify the target of each link. • Rule: 13.1.1 - All
> Anchor elements are required not to use any of the defined link
> phrases in the link text. o No Anchor elements that use any of the
> defined link phrases in the link text were found in document body. 

This sounds like it's reporting a problem but is actually telling you a 
good thing - it's talking about things like links on "click here" that 
won't make sense read out of context. You don't have any - hurrah.

> Rule: 13.1.2 - All Anchor elements are required not to use the same
> link text to refer to different resources. o Failure - Anchor Element
> at Line: 70, Column: 14

This is saying the same link text occurs more than once on the page but 
has different links on it. So, your snippet probably contains the second 
occurrence on the page. You need to see which link phrases are repeated 
on the page and make the HREF for each consistent.

Which automated tool are you using to test this - Cynthia?




PS - Hopefully you know that automated tests don't tell you whether your 
page is accessible or not, they just find a limited set of problems. Joe 
Clark's, book Building Accessible Websites is the best plain-english 
resource IMHO. You can read it in full at his site: joeclark.org

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