[thelist] Oops! sent last one before I was ready!; WAI validation

webmaster bill at livingearthgatherings.org
Sat Oct 15 20:45:16 CDT 2005

Thanks to all for your help.

Ian, yes I did use Cynthia. I wasn't certain but did have a sense it wasn't
checking everything. Thanks a lot for the joe clark resource; the book
itself will keep me busy quite a while and, besides that, there's lots of
other accessibility info there. I recommend that any other new folks on this
list check it out. (I'll assume that people that have been involved for a
longer time have already learned a lot of this stuff).

Again thanks,
Bill Scheider

Which automated tool are you using to test this - Cynthia?




PS - Hopefully you know that automated tests don't tell you whether your 
page is accessible or not, they just find a limited set of problems. Joe 
Clark's, book Building Accessible Websites is the best plain-english 
resource IMHO. You can read it in full at his site: joeclark.org

zStudio - Web development and accessibility

Snippetz.net BETA - Online code library
File, manage and re-use your code snippets online


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