[thelist] Cross browser help with JavaScript to trigger .wav file.

Warbasse Media philip at warbassedesign.com
Thu Dec 8 12:32:32 CST 2005

Hello Everyone,

It's been about a year since I last was a regular contributor to the list.  I hope there are some familiar names still out there and look forward to meeting the newest members.

I am working on a conceptual art project called I-Wish.  Right now, I am in Venice Beach, CA capturing people's thoughts and images for a website presentation coming soon.  I have decided to ad sound as well and that's where the question originates.

If you can give me advice on how to include Mac Users and Mozilla users by viewing my JavaScript at  I would be most grateful.

1.) Several people using Mozilla and Safari browsers have reported that they see the buttons, but, can't hear anything.  Is there a fix?
2.) Although minor, is there a way to get the cursor to change to a hand when mousing over the buttons?

Thanks so much for your support.  I look forward to reciprocating.

Very Best,
Philip Warbasse
Warbasse Media

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