[thelist] [Slightly OT]Issue tracking *and* project management

marcus m-lists at bristav.se
Thu Dec 8 22:07:20 CST 2005

Jan Brasna wrote:
> Tweaking an OS solution? Some groupware bundles have these features or 
> the ability to have them developed as a plug-in.
Open source is absolutely no problem. We like OSS very much actually. Do 
you have anything special in mind?

As long as it's not PHP or ASP. We've tweaked a couple of PHP 
applications UI wise and added some functionality as well and it's been 
a horror due to really really really ugly code (Squirrel Mail and 
Achievo being a couple of examples).

Also remember that it should have a slick and polished look-n-feel (Jira 
and Basecamp are two good examples of this). My experience is that many 
OS solutions doesn't :(, they usually only focus on good functionality. 
Sometimes they try to look nice but then it's often a programmer trying 
to make it look nice and we all know how that usually goes ;) (I'm a 
programmer myself...)


Ps. I'm not that into PHP so I can't say if it depends on PHP itself or 
if it's bad programmers but the language kind of invites to ugly code 
(in the older versions of PHP anyway). Many people would probably react 
to this and say that "you can write bad code in any language as well as 
you can write good code in any language". That's true. But some 
languages (such as Ruby (and ecmascript if you have taken the time to 
really learn the language)) invites to writing beatiful code and some 

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