[thelist] [Slightly OT]Issue tracking *and* project management

Jan Brasna discuss at alphanumeric.cz
Sat Dec 10 10:09:25 CST 2005

> We like OSS very much actually. Do you have anything special in mind?

Actually nothing particular, because ...

> As long as it's not PHP or ASP.

... we came across mostly PHP solutions :)

I can agree that some of them may be rubbish, however some other may 
serve fine.

We used to customize some of them and it was pretty straightworward.

> Also remember that it should have a slick and polished look-n-feel

It's an implementation issue, anyone can make them look more usable and 

> I'm not that into PHP so I can't say if it depends on PHP itself or 
> if it's bad programmers

It depends on the programmer itself and his approach and responsibility.

> Thanks for pointing me in the direction of groupware.

I'm glad I was able to help you.

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