[thelist] basic flash tutorial (for photo "slideshow")

Sarah Adams sarah at designshift.com
Fri Dec 9 09:31:27 CST 2005

> I'm not sure -- are you trying to provide slideshow functionality on a 
> page, or are more interested in understanding the environment enough to 
> write your own application, which just might be a slideshow?

For now, I really just want to get the slideshow done for the client. If 
it comes down to the wire, I will use a template or 
auto-slideshow-creation tool. But I would like to learn Flash, so if I 
create the slideshow myself and thereby start the learning process, that 
would be best :) Turns out I have an extra day to work on this, so I 
think I can use the links and suggestions sent by all you wonderful 
listers, and the great step-by-step instructions sent by David, to get a 
good start on both.

Thank you all SO much for your help!

sarah adams
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