[thelist] sorting recordset problems

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Wed Jan 4 14:23:38 CST 2006

> Off the top of my head:
>  * sorting in VBScript can be a nightmare
>  * can you sort your query by a substring of the file name, or by two
> substrings?
>  * for the month, you'd also have to include a CASE statement so you
> could sort descending on the number of the month. There's no 
> logical way
> to sort the names of the months.
> Anywhere I'm allowed (and some places I'm not) I enforce 
> CCYYMMDD dates
> exclusively, to sorting is simple and conversion to other formats
> relatively simple.
> joel


Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm thinking I may need to rewrite the file
names, as it'd be a hell of a lot easier, however, there are thousands of
these files already in existence from before my time. I think I'll approach
it that way though, as I'm sure it will save me down the road.


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