[thelist] CSS Text Size and Table Resize Problems

Clay Thompson clayt85_2 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 10 22:21:30 CST 2006

Hi All,

These questions involve the site http://www.unc.edu/~clayt85

On Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 all looks fine on any screen resolution I can throw 
in there.  But in IE 6.0.29 at 1024 x 768, there is a small gap in the 
orange line in the far-left column.  Furthermore, at any higher screen 
resolution, the table cells in the far-right column widen themselves, the 
background image (in the top cell) tiles over, and things just get really 
ugly.  Then in Opera (not sure what version) at higher resolutions, the same 
thing appears to be happening, only the excess width appears on the 
left-hand side of the those cells (as opposed to the right, as in IE).  All 
cells in the right column have width attributes to keep that from 
happening... supposedly.  (Theoretically, only the center column should 
stretch to make the page fit the window.)  I'm baffled.

And while I'm here, is there any way to size text (say, in pixels) so that 
it will not change at all depending on a user's desired text-size settings.

Many thanks!

Clay Thompson
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

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