[thelist] Receiving mail to one address but sending from another

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Wed Jan 11 02:40:10 CST 2006

Ben Prew wrote:

> The problem comes in when I subscribe to a list like thelist, because
> I use my @cpan address to receive mail, but I send from my gmail
> account.  And, since thelist does not allow posts from non-members,
> all my posts go into the "to-be-reivewed" queue.
did you check this:


# Log in to your Gmail account.
# Click 'Settings' along the top of any page, and then select the 
'Accounts' tab.
# Click 'Add another email address' in the 'Send mail as:' section.
# Enter your full name in the 'Name:' field, and the email address 
you'd like to send messages from in the 'Email address:' field.

all you need to do then is remember to send to the list as @cpan.



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